New Directions for Women

//New Directions for Women

November 2018

Video Series Highlights Breaking the Cycle of Addiction

By Ben Brazil, Daily Pilot November 19, 2018 Melissa Suffield spent her childhood trying to keep her mother alive. When food was scarce, she wandered door to door appealing to strangers so they wouldn’t go hungry. When her mother locked herself in the bedroom, Suffield charged the door to prevent her from taking drugs. Her [...]

New Directions for Women + Grit = Success in Life

By David Whiting, Orange County Register November 19, 2018 Who gets beaten — yes, beaten — with their own Barbie doll? Pause for a moment to steel yourself for the answer. It’s the same little girl who was grabbed by her throat and thrown against a stone fireplace. But more on that in a minute. [...]

April 2018

Charity Breakfast Supports Addiction Treatment for Women

By Lee Offenhauer, March 26, 2018 More than 300 Orange County community members gathered on March 19 to help raise nearly $500,000 toward a scholarship program for women in need of drug and alcohol treatment. The event, Circle of Life Breakfast, was hosted by New Directions for Women (NDFW), a nationally accredited drug and alcohol rehab program executively [...]