Inbound Marketing ties together the many elements of digital marketing: website, search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, digital ads, social media, email marketing, etc.  Inbound Marketing gives our clients a well-rounded communications mix.

HKA is a certified partner of Hubspot, a sophisticated web-based platform that gives our clients a leg up on their competition.

With Inbound Marketing, a modern version of “relationship selling,” you can use your website and social media channels to bring meaningful prospects to your digital doorstep and nurture them to become clients.

HubSpot- inbound methodology

Inbound Marketing can be right for you if —

  • You have spent time and money on your website (or multiple websites!), including SEO campaigns, but still not seen meaningful results.
  • You use “old-school” marketing techniques such as direct mail, print ads, yellow pages and/or cold calls – but don’t see the same return from earlier years.
  • Your company has a blog but you can’t see how it will ever lead to business – or, you may not even have a blog yet.
  • Your company has added social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, but it hasn’t improved your bottom line and you don’t foresee any ROI.
  • You know something needs to be done to capture the power of digital marketing, but have no idea where to start.


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