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Getting to the Heart of Quantum

Before our PR agency threw itself headfirst into the world of quantum tech, we were an eclectic outfit. One favorite sector was nonprofit, with

The Quantum State of Things

There is no shortage of quantum-focused conferences these days, although many are called a summit, a term that somehow sounds more inviting than a


As an American, I’m guilty of being primarily a one-language person. Sure, I can understand and speak a bit of Spanish and Italian, due

A Down-to-Earth Quantum Discussion for Businesspeople

As the owner of a PR agency with an enviable roster of quality quantum technology clients, I am reading a lot of articles and

Experts Agree: The Time is NOW for Quantum Ethics Discussion

Experts agree that the time to explore ethical issues as they relate to quantum technologies is now, not tomorrow. With initial commercial applications likely

15-Year-Old Anisha and Her Journey to the Quantum Wonderland

Anisha Musti is unlike any other teenager I have ever met. And as we move into 2021, as our world faces a multitude of

Quantum Computing Understanding Required for Industry to Grow

A recent article in Physics magazine addressed the need for better education in quantum physics for university students. The author, Katherine Wright, interviewed scientists

Federal Government Dials in New Quantum Networking Plans

Just as the World Wide Web connected every inch of the globe and redefined communications, quantum research being done today is poised to restructure

10 Communications Tips for Quantum Tech Startups in the Covid-19 Era – Part 2

This is a continuation of our last post on communications in the post-COVID world. If you missed it, be sure to read the first