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The Quantum Gold Rush = Job Security

I began a career in journalism 20 years ago as a production assistant in a TV newsroom, a print-scripts-and-run-them-to-the-anchor-desk gofer.

The news – and its reporters – were analog. I naively asked one of them, 20 years my senior, “How did you research stories before the internet?”

“We went to the library.”



I asked because I used Google to search and verify news copy, at least for national stories. Locally? Yeah, no one posted online until after their story had aired. The News was on TV.

After considering what to do about this pesky internet thing, local newsrooms began their digital transformations, and I freaked out.

Get Busy Livin’ or Get Busy Dyin’

Had the professional field I’d chosen – broadcast television – reached an inflection point? Would we all slide down the impending curve?

I rode the TV curve down as a TV producer and manager, then clawed my way up the digital curve as a news director, owning new channels, driving digital-only content, improving mobile and streaming apps, optimizing SEO and enhancing social media presence and storytelling.

It was exhausting. I jumped ship to an emerging industry – to technology public relations and quantum tech PR, marketing and communications. It’s still exhausting, but it feels great.

I know I’m not the only one making the leap.

Securing Job Security

If I learn and grow with quantum technology, quantum tech communications and quantum enterprise marketing, I am certain to have 25 years of job security ahead.

After the early 2023 tech layoffs, and ahead of any late 2023 recession, engineers, developers and other tech pros may be thinking the same:

Of course, there’s much more to quantum computing than a stable job. Quantum tech is as new and exciting as anything, drawing the most brilliant people on the planet, and we are all going to have to adapt to it for decades to come.

Quantum tech PR will be getting the word out about why and how this sea change in computing and its algorithmic alchemy will produce a new Golden Age of technology and inevitable business booms. Why not be an early member of a new reality that will touch every known industry – and create new ones in the process?


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