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HKA's Blog: The Quantum Spin

My Surprising Journey from Sports Media to Quantum PR   

The way I ended up in quantum PR is the culmination of many things throughout my educational and professional career. Was I surprised? Yes!

My Full-Circle Journey with a Nobel Prize Winner 

It was written with a typewriter — a fancy (for then) IBM Selectric, but a typewriter, nonetheless.   It was very early in my career;

The Winding PR Path to a New York Times Quantum Startup Story

Securing a major article in The New York Times for a client is every PR professional’s – and client’s – dream. The ‘newspaper of

How to give a great interview: Six steps to prepare 

News flash for all enterprising quantum and deep-tech startups: publishing a press release is only the first step in announcing significant news from your

Quantum Video Tips from a TV News Pro

Quantum computing solutions will be able to fix incredibly difficult-to-solve problems. If only a quantum computer could explain, plainly and painlessly, what it is

The Quantum Gold Rush = Job Security

I began a career in journalism 20 years ago as a production assistant in a TV newsroom, a print-scripts-and-run-them-to-the-anchor-desk gofer. The news – and

Qubits and quantum journalists – both growing in 2023

When we began our journey into quantum tech public relations back in 2019 few journalists were interested in the stories we were telling.  “Too

A Full Nobel Circle

Quite a few years ago, before HKA was born, I was a public information officer/science writer at the University of California, Irvine. I was

How Awards Can Help Your Company Succeed

Gaining recognition and credibility through capturing notable awards is an essential part of business, but it is sometimes overlooked by emerging companies. Award recognition