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HKA's Blog: The Quantum Spin

Stellar Q2B Panel of Developers Weighs In on Fault-Tolerant Quantum Computing  

The Q2B show in Santa Clara last week ended with an amazing session with some of the top quantum hardware heavyweights gathered on a

My Surprising Journey from Sports Media to Quantum PR   

The way I ended up in quantum PR is the culmination of many things throughout my educational and professional career. Was I surprised? Yes!

My Full-Circle Journey with a Nobel Prize Winner 

It was written with a typewriter — a fancy (for then) IBM Selectric, but a typewriter, nonetheless.   It was very early in my career;

The Winding PR Path to a New York Times Quantum Startup Story

Securing a major article in The New York Times for a client is every PR professional’s – and client’s – dream. The ‘newspaper of

How to give a great interview: Six steps to prepare 

News flash for all enterprising quantum and deep-tech startups: publishing a press release is only the first step in announcing significant news from your

Quantum Video Tips from a TV News Pro

Quantum computing solutions will be able to fix incredibly difficult-to-solve problems. If only a quantum computer could explain, plainly and painlessly, what it is

The Quantum Gold Rush = Job Security

I began a career in journalism 20 years ago as a production assistant in a TV newsroom, a print-scripts-and-run-them-to-the-anchor-desk gofer. The news – and

Qubits and quantum journalists – both growing in 2023

When we began our journey into quantum tech public relations back in 2019 few journalists were interested in the stories we were telling.  “Too

A Full Nobel Circle

Quite a few years ago, before HKA was born, I was a public information officer/science writer at the University of California, Irvine. I was