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The Tech Industry Needs Heart

Most friends and fans of HKA know the firm’s longstanding reputation as a generalist agency serving nonprofits, professional services firms and a host of other people-focused industries. But HKA has a long legacy of serving clients in the technology industry as well.

Perhaps you’re an executive at a tech startup, or the head of a new digital transformation venture at an established brand or know someone seeking a tech PR firm. If so, you may wonder why a generalist agency such as HKA would be a wise choice when it comes to marketing communications support.

The answer is threefold: 1) HKA’s 35-year history of integrity and commitment to client service, 2) the team’s demonstrated capabilities serving the tech industry, and 3) our expertise in telling the human side of a client story. The first two reasons are self-explanatory. But why is the ability to explain the human side of the tech equation so important in an agency these days?

Because the tech industry needs to show some heart.

Recently, the tech industry’s reputation has taken numerous hits with the public. Data privacy failures and social media manipulations, as well as the toll of digital addiction on children, have combined to make some question technology’s ubiquitous role in our lives. This wariness will likely increase as advanced technologies such as robotics, drones and AI-enabled services become more visible in everyday life.

That’s why companies in these emerging markets need to communicate the overall benefits of their technology to a broad audience. If you’re in tech, your audience is not just the few hundred or so early adopters you may think it is. It’s the CEOs, CFOs and other executives of your potential customers, or the investors who need to easily grasp the potential of your organization. It may be government regulators, or college grads seeking a job, or potential partners in a non-tech industry or even your local community.

The public also needs to see the human face of the company offering these technologies and understand who the people are bringing them to market. Technology brands telling their technology story in a human-focused way is important so that all audiences – not just the tech savvy few – understand what they are doing and why they are doing it.

HKA is staffed with former journalists who know how to find the core of your company’s story and relay it in a simple, compelling fashion across traditional and social media. We understand the importance of the human touch in communications.

The promise of innovation has never been greater but will require meaningful connections with all audiences to achieve ultimate success.

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